Nurses in uniform in WW1 and 2016


Lesson objective

Understand roles in healthcare focusing on uniforms they wear.


Look at online photographs, badges and documents from the period and think about different styles, types and who wears them.


Lesson starter

Warm up session with the class looking at images of nurse uniforms through the ages and arranging into a timeline. Volunteers to dress-up with costumes if available.

Main lesson

  • What jobs can you think of within hospital ?
  • Do they wear uniform?
  • Why wear a uniform?
  • Do children have one for school?

Follow-up activities

  • Design a new uniform
  • Design a new badge to award to staff
  • Design a badge for the school/ how would this be different?


What different jobs they have learnt about? Are there any other places/roles where people wear uniforms? Do they have family or know someone who works at the hospital, or wears uniform for work?

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