Drawing of Infirmary after conservation

Conservation of Salisbury Infirmary drawing

When we discovered this drawing of Salisbury General Infirmary recently it had a few conservation problems. The frame itself was broken apart, the glass was lost and it had been stored flat on top of a cupboard. This had meant that a layer of dust and dirt had settled onto it. The paper was also very discoloured and yellow, caused by old glue and a reaction to the wooden back board. A small rip had been temporarily repaired (white mark below left hand tree) too.

Thanks to the grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2016 the archives were able to arrange the conservation on this drawing. Cleaning, repairs and a new UV protecting glass means this drawing has been protected for future generations.

T Atkinson March 1819 signature

Close up of signature

What do we know about this piece? It is signed and dated 1819 by T Atkinson and it was likely one of four elevation drawings made at the time when important alterations were being made to the Infirmary building, including converting the then chapel into an accident ward.


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