From present day back to early beginnings

Florence 200

commemorative badge designed by ArtCare Commemorative badge presented to all nursing & midwifery staff on Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary and marking International Year of the Nurse & Midwife.

NHS70 celebrations

Staff singing NHS70 song Hospital staff celebrate 70yrs of the NHS on 5th July 2018.

New Eye Clinic opens

Yellow waiting area Ophthalmology services move from Level 3 of the main hospital to a separate new Eye clinic building.

New Children’s Unit opens

Children’s Outpatients A dedicated children’s unit opens comprising of outpatient departments, a Day Assessment Unit and the Sarum inpatient Ward, as well as secure outside play spaces.

Extension to Salisbury District Hospital opens

‘Sky birds’ corridor, hospital extension A new 3-level extension to Salisbury District Hospital is completed providing additional wards and outpatient departments, as well as a new Burns Unit. Princess Anne officially opens the new Burns Unit theatres.

Salisbury General Infirmary closes

Moving services from the Infirmary A celebration service is held on 1st May 1993 at Salisbury Cathedral to commemorate the closing of Salisbury General Infirmary in Fisherton Street and the move of healthcare services to the new Salisbury District Hospital at Odstock.

Medical services transfer

Starting in 1991 and continuing throughout 1992 all medical services transfer to Salisbury District Hospital at Odstock from across Salisbury.

Duke of Cornwall Spinal Unit opens

Architects model of Spinal Injury Unit In 1984 the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Injuries Unit is officially opened at Salisbury District Hospital.

Pioneering operating theatres

Jeanne Yates in the new theatre Nurse Jeanne Yates oversees the introduction of new pioneering operating theatres at Odstock hospital site.

Harcourt House opens

Nurses outside Harcourt House A new site for nurse training, closer to Salisbury General Infirmary is needed. Harcourt House opens in 1953 and continues to train nurses until 1992 when it closes and the Infirmary moves up to Odstock.

Plastic surgery unit opens

Dr John Barron Dr Barron opens new plastic surgery unit at Odstock, the site of the current Salisbury District Hospital.

NHS begins

On the 5th July 1948 a new National Health Service, known as the NHS was launched. It was founded on the view that healthcare should be available to everyone and free at the point of delivery. The experiences of the Second World War provided the catalyst to pull hospitals, GPs,…Read More

Nurse training at New Hall, Bodenham

New hall from garden New Hall at Bodenham is leased to establish a nurse training school which continues to train nurses until 1952.

Harvard Common Cold Unit opens

Common Cold Unit from the air The Harvard Common Cold Unit opens on the site of US Red Cross World War 2 hospital in Harnham. It continues research until it finally closes in 1990.

Dr Darmady constructs first kidney dialysis machine

Darmady attends to patient Dr Darmady experiments with the construction of the first kidney dialysis machine made partly of old Spitfire engines.

US army transfers patients to Odstock

US forces on weekly parade retreat, 1940s On the 12th December 1942 the US army transferred patients to a site at Odstock, near Salisbury. The site was built to receive casualties from northern France and would later treat soldiers wounded in the D-Day landings in 1944.

Heale House opens

Front of Heale House Heale House in the Woodford Valley opens as an annexe to the Salisbury General Infirmary to treat wounded soldiers during World War 2.

New Outpatients Hall built

Lawrence of Arabia A new Outpatients hall is built at Salisbury General Infirmary in memory of T. E. Lawrence.

Carnival held for hospital

Carnival in support of Infirmary, 1930 A carnival is held across the city to raise funds for the hospital

Peace parade

Youth marching group in matching costume Peace parade held to celebrate the end of WW1

Red Cross hospital, Harnham

Harnham Red Cross Hospital, and former workhouse, 1970s Red Cross hospital at Harnham cares for wounded soldiers during WW1

Isolation hospital opens

Old Sarum Isolation Hospital An Isolation hospital at Old Sarum opens treating mainly children during epidemics. The hospital closes in 1951

Electricity connected to Infirmary

Operation using electric light at Infirmary Electricity is connected to Salisbury General Infirmary for the first time and is used to provide light in the operating theatres

Fisherton Asylum opens

Watercolour painting of Old Manor Hospital Fisherton Asylum opens in around 1813, which later becomes the Old Manor Mental Hospital. The site is now the present day Fountain Way Hospital.

Salisbury General Infirmary opens

The new Infirmary building, 1771 Salisbury General Infirmary opens in a new building in Fisherton Street

Salisbury General Infirmary – the beginning

Salisbury General Infirmary starts up in existing buildings on the site of Fisherton Street

Meeting in The Vine

Earl of Radnor presides over meeting First meeting in The Vine to discuss the formation of a new hospital for Salisbury

Lord Feversham bequest

Lord Feversham Lord Feversham leaves £500 from estate towards the creation of hospital in Salisbury

Trinity Hospital founded

Trinity Hospital Almshouse present day Trinity Hospital founded by Agnes Bottenham

St Nicholas Hospital founded

St Nicholas Hospital, Salisbury St Nicholas Hospital founded by Robert Bingham, Bishop of Salisbury