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You’ll find all the answers to this quiz here on our history website. To help you out , if you answer all the questions correctly the first letters spell out a further name connected with our archives and collections.


  1. What Lord —- leaves £500 from estate towards the creation of hospital in Salisbury?
  2. WW2 US General Mark Clark made his Headquarters at —-
  3. Original name of Salisbury District Hospital named after the nearby village
  4. A letter in the hospital’s archives, written by which US President —dated August 25th 1906.
  5. Who was caught by Dr J J Armitage, in the Avon on June 25th 1904?
  6. Complete the Infirmary motto ‘ The Sick & —- shall not always be forgotten’.
  7. Stars of the Disney film ‘Song of the South’ visited this children’s ward in 1946.
  8. Name the Sister who is depicted in the murals at Woodgreen Village Hall.
  9. During WW2 this large House near Salisbury was used for additional maternity beds.
  10. Another word, meaning hospital, used in the name of the institution in Fisherton Street.
  11. The Radnor balcony was dedicated to Second-Lieutenant Radcliffe who died where in 1915?
  12. What hospital was originally provided by the American Red Cross and US university to research diseases (1941-1990)?
  13. What Salisbury hospital was founded around 1350 by Agnes Bottenham?
  14. The town of Salix is scratched in graffiti by WW2 US soldiers at Salisbury Hospital, what US state is Salix in?
  15. Name the small hospital, that was near the present day ambulance station, served from 1939, treating older patients for 50 years before demolition?
  16. What name is the ghost of Salisbury General Infirmary known by?
  17. Name the fundraising day held in June as a national campaign started in 1912 on the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Queen from Denmark?
  18. Siegfried Sassoon donated money to the Infirmary in memory of his friend, how is he more popularly known?
  19. The Infirmary ghost used to frequent the back stairs and in the annex of Bartlett Ward and what other ward?


answer grid for history quizDownload and print out our quiz sheet (pdf) – this has a grid for the letters to help you with your answers.

Download the quiz answer sheet (pdf)

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