Letter written from Winston Churchill to Lord Radnor dated 1910

Letter from Winston Churchill

We’ve been researching more about this unusual letter, in our archives, signed by Winston Churchill. Written on a Home Office letterhead, this printed statement is addressed Whitehall, London and dated 31st May 1910. It is signed by Winston Churchill and sent to the Earl of Radnor patron of Salisbury General Infirmary.

On May 6th, 1910, after a reign of less than 10 years, King Edward VII died and was succeeded by his son as King George V. It was Winston Churchill’s responsibility, as Home Secretary (pictured below in 1910) to write letters of formal thanks on behalf of the Royal Family for condolences on Edward’s death.

The letter reads:

Home Office
31 May 1910 

My Lord

I am commanded by The King to convey to you hereby His Majesty’s thanks for the Loyal and Dutiful Resolution of the Committee of Management of the Salisbury Infirmary on the occasion of the lamented death of His Late Majesty King Edward the Seventh.

I am
My Lord
Your obedient Servant
Winston Churchill

The Right Hon
The Earl of Radnor
Longford Castle


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