Staff midwife with student and babies in incubators

Neonatal care

Amongst our collection of ephemera is a nurse recruitment leaflet from the 1960s. The black and white photographs by David Robson include the one shown below of a staff midwife instructing a student in the midwifery unit at Odstock (now Salisbury District Hospital). They stand next to Isolette Infant Incubators for premature babies. The following extract is taken from the leaflet:


‘Salisbury General Hospital now provides a major training ground for student nurses. Increasing numbers of medical students from teaching hospitals are also attached to Salisbury General Hospital for clinical studies. Nurses gain experience in the many and varied fields of nursing, which makes the courses available at Salisbury stimulating and satisfying. The specialised work of the Hospital also offers excellent opportunities for post registration studies for S.R.N.s and S.E.N.s, for example, second part midwifery training and a 12 months’ course in operating theatre technique and management with secondment for neuro-surgical and thoracic surgical experience.’


Compare the 1960s image to those below showing staff on the Neonatal Unit at Salisbury District Hospital (previously Odstock) in 2013, together with the parent’s accommodation, which is now an integral part of the unit helping parents stay close to their babies. You can view the ‘Train to be a nurse at Salisbury’ – recruitment leaflet from 1960s as a pdf or view the images on our nurse training page.


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