Letter asking if Infirmary prepared to establish an Orthopaedic department

Physiotherapy treatment is developed

On the 21st February, 1919 Salisbury General Infirmary received notice from the Wiltshire War Pensions Committee that they recommend setting up of new a outpatient clinic. They write ‘…it was desirable that provision in the County should be made for Orthopaedic Treatment for discharged disabled Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen.’

At the time it was considered important for local civil hospital services to be developed, as many of the military and VAD hospitals would no longer exist after the war and not be available to look after war pensioners’ ongoing needs. Salisbury General Infirmary was asked to provide outpatient facilities with a further provision for massage and electrical treatment.

The documents pictured below show the list of equipment, apparatus and staffing needed by the Infirmary to set up the clinics.


What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists help to improve movement and function to patients who have had an injury, illness or disability. They can also help to reduce risk of injury or illness in the future. Physiotherapists provide:

  • Education and advice to patients
  • Guidance about movement, exercise and physical activity
  • Manual therapy to encourage better movement

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