'I am Florence'

Florence 200

In celebration of the birth of Florence Nightingale and International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, ArtCare asked nurses and midwives, including students and retired staff to take their place in our local healthcare history.

The project called ‘I am Florence’, gathered stories from the participants about who inspired them, what they achieved and what they have learned in their career so far. These wide and varied stories show how these invaluable roles have changed over time. The stories collected so far have been compiled into the videos below.


Who or what inspired you to become a nurse?

What is your most important role or duty?

If you’d like to take part you still can. It’s really simple to take part – click this link and answer the prompts, which help you tell your story. You can choose to have your name included or to share your story anonymously. Be a part of the history of caring for the Salisbury Community and the inspiration to others thinking about choosing Nursing or Midwifery as their future career.

Contact ArtCare on sft.artcare@nhs.net for more information.