image of extract from the SGI annual report 1897, mentioning Spot's contribution to fundraising

Spot on!

This excerpt from the Salisbury General Infirmary annual report 1897 and recognises the effort from dog ‘Spot’ who raised £13 17s 1d in the year. This is the equivalent today of over £1500 and the Woolpack Inn was in Endless Street, Salisbury.


The excerpt reads,

The Committee have again this year to thank those who have sent gifts of game, fruit, flowers, vegetables, old linen &c., &c., and to Mr W. C. Viney of the Woolpack Inn, whose dog Spot has contributed a sum of £13 17s 1d, which the Committee greatly appreciate.


There have been many incidences of dogs fundraising for Salisbury Hospitals – see also ‘Paws helping out the cause’


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