Adeline sat at writing desk

Hospital jobs during World War 1

The press cutting shown below from the South Wiltshire Gazette explains the strain the hospital was under and how services were cancelled to accommodate the military cases. Throughout World War 1 the Infirmary constantly advertised for House and Assistant Surgeons. From the clippings below you can see that wages were dramatically increased to tempt applicants. In contrast to the wages of the House Surgeon, during 1915 a Second Porter could expect to earn £25 a year that included board, lodging and washing.

Role of women

For the first time in 1915 the advert for House Surgeon added that ‘women candidates will be considered’ and later included that candidates must be ineligible for Military Service. Pictured below is Miss Adeline Cable who was Matron of Salisbury Infirmary during the war and received the decoration of the Royal Red Cross for her services.


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