Soldiers queueing up outside the mess hall

Delicious and different foods

Food related memories, collected during our Roaming D-day archive sessions at the hospital, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings in 2019.

‘I remember a big bowl of doughnuts, the Americans they had this big bowl, my first doughnut.’

‘They (Americans) had peanut butter and put jam on everything and custard, custard on their dinner!’

‘We would go dancing at The Assembly Rooms above what is now Waterstones, or the Medina Café at the cheese market where the library is now.’

‘On the day rationing ended in 1954 my boss gave me £1 and the afternoon off to go and eat sweets. He was so kind.’

‘I was working in a store in London on D-Day. We heard all this commotion and rumbling as tanks and vehicles came along the street. We all dashed out and gave out cups of tea and cigarettes to the soldiers. My friend slipped her address into one of those packets. Well of course after the war she married the soldier who got that packet!’

Pictured below, American soldiers queuing at the hospital canteen described on the photo as ‘Gourmet supper!’


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