It’s Panto season

The hospitals in Salisbury have had a long tradition of putting on an annual staff pantomime. There are over 500 photographs, scripts and programmes in the archives here at Salisbury District Hospital, as well as Salisbury Journal press cuttings and colour slides.

Judging by the costumes seen in the photographs and the set design the pantomime was a major part of the seasonal events in Salisbury. Lots of fundraising and fun was had by all, including many instances of consultants dressed as the pantomime dame.

Included in the images below is the programme with the song lyrics featured in Salisbury Hospital’s Christmas Review 1951. Other photos we have include 1962 Snow White & the seven doctors; 1964 cast and entertainment from the Christmas Revue by The Earwigs; 1966 Dick quick wit scene and cast group; Peter Pan; 1967 Babes in the Wood; 1968 Cast and scene from Little Red Riding Hoorthopaedics.

Salisbury Journal clipping below (we’re not sure of the date) shows Dennis Rogers Salisbury Football Club, recovering after an operation in the Infirmary and was entertained by the staff panto. Any Salisbury F.C. supporters out there who can help with the date?

The collection contains an excellent keepsake programme from ‘The Shop At Sly Corner’, which has been signed by the cast members. Does anyone know the date of this or the cast members involved?

Probably one of the most fascinating programmes comes from the interestingly titled ‘Sinbad the Surgeon’ or ‘Space Saves the Status Quo’. The story involves the World Conference of Junior Doctors sailing the south seas! See the programme images below for some of the characters and the story outline.


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