Netherhampton House

During World War 2, Netherhampton House near Salisbury was used for additional maternity beds for Salisbury General Infirmary. The Register at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives shows admissions date from 1939. Around 130 patients were cared for each year, with a total of 716 patients over 5 1/2 years. The ward at Netherhampton House was closed on 31st July 1945, as the demand for beds decreased at the end of the war.

Salisbury General Infirmary’s Annual Report for 1941 describes that 250 women had already been transferred to Netherhampton House for care at that time. The hospital later again thanked Sir Bruce and Lady Richmond for their support, saying in the 1945 Annual Report:


‘The Committee wish to record their gratitude to Sir Bruce and Lady Richmond for their generosity in offering the use of Netherhampton House for post-natal cases during the past five and a half years. To be in such pleasant surroundings during their convalescence was of great benefit to the Patients, and several letters of appreciation were received by the Committee expressing their gratitude. Since the cessation of hostilities the demand for these beds fell off considerably and the Ward was closed on 31st July 1945. During the time Netherhampton House was used no less than 716 Patients were accommodated there.’


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