digital drawing of Queensberry Road street name on wall

What’s in a name?

If you travel up Castle Road from Salisbury and turn off to the right you’ll find many roads with familiar and local family names: Attwood, Beatrice, Bartlett, Feversham, Queensberry and Radnor. Each of these were taken from ward names of Salisbury General Infirmary.  Read more about The Hospital that never was .

The ward names all come from patrons who gave significant financial donations that helped build and develop the hospital from late 1700s.What we can find in our archives records that the hospital owned the land, near Castle Road, in the 1920s and to aid their finances after WW1 they sold plots of land and used their ward names as inspiration for the estate roads.

However, early NHS Wards at Odstock Hospital, (now Salisbury District Hospital) historically took their names from local villages who were their patrons after WW2.

When the two hospital sites merged in early 1990s the wards took on a mixture of both family names and villages, many of which still are used today.


We have created a fun wordsearch to download and print.


Try to find the hidden names of wards old and new (including Imber Ward that is due to open in Spring 2024)

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