Paper lanterns

You will need

  • Scrap paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler or sticky tape
  • Hole punch


  1. Fold your paper in half lengthwise
  2. Cut a 1 cm strip off the end and set aside
  3. Starting on the folded edge cut strips but stop before the top edge (leaving about 1cm)
  4. Unfold your paper and roll up, staple or glue the edges to join up, creating a tube shape
  5. Take your strip of paper, that you set aside, and staple or glue to the top edge of your lantern
  6. Do the same with the other end of your strip of paper on the opposite side, to create a hanging loop.


Video tutorial


Other ideas and tips

  • Try out different widths of strips
  • Or wavy line strips…
  • Use any old scrap paper, old greetings cards, wrapping paper or newspaper
  • Use a hole punch to create a dot pattern
  • Try cutting up and using an old plastic bottles for a version that is weather proof for outdoors

* Safety warning, not suitable for naked flames!


Download our lantern making activity sheet (pdf)

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