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Lesson objective

Understand the lives of women during World War 1 focusing on nursing in Salisbury.


Look at online photographs and documents from the period and think about everyday life for women before, during and after World War 1.


Lesson starter

  • What dates and information do they know about World War 1? Have they seen/ been part of any of the 100 year commemorations?
  • Discuss about women working outside the home, political issues such as voting/suffrage. What other jobs women did during the war and why?

Main lesson

In groups look at the newspaper clippings for job advertisements at the Salisbury Infirmary, what main things did they notice?

Follow-up activities

  • Look at propaganda posters for during the war about nurse recruitment
  • Design their own poster for the World War 1 period and design one for modern nursing?


How has women’s lives changed since World War 1? What was it like for them and did this change once men returned from the war? Interview family members to see if they have seen any changes in their lifetime. What stereotypes do we have when thinking about hospital jobs e.g. male nurses, female surgeons, oversees workforce?

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