Pathology dept 1941, Odstock Hospital

Medicine from war

Lesson objective

Learn about how World War 2 shaped medicine and treatments today with a focus on Salisbury District Hospital.


Look at the online photographs and documents from the period and think about changes in medicine.


Lesson starter

  • How medicine was changed by World War – age appropriate?
  • What machines and inventions do pupils know about in hospitals?
  • Spitfire engine to dialysis machine article / film

Main lesson

Look at some newspaper stories and the way they present information. Then in groups 3-4 start writing in the style of a newspaper reporter about the invention by Dr Darmady. Think about including different types of writing e.g. explaining information, interview, speech, story telling.

Follow-up activities

  • Create a comic book or illustrated diagram of a useful invention made from recycled things
  • Create a model of an invention made from recycled things


What inventions do the class know about? Are there things in the home that they have now that parents/ grandparents didn’t have? What difference do you think these make to everyday life?

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