Blue and gold decorated certificate with handwritten details

Nurse Carrie

Donated to the Salisbury Healthcare history project in March 2018, was a highly decorated and illuminated certificate presented to Nurse Carrie, dated December 29th, 1892. It commemorates the occasion of her retirement from Salisbury General Infirmary. The level of detail in the design picked out in gold only goes to serve the high regard in which Nurse Carrie was held.

From the hospital’s Annual Report of 1893, pictured below, we can identify the nurse as Caroline Smith who worked at Salisbury General Infirmary for 27 years. It notes she retired due to failing health and was conferred a pension of 10s per week, the modern equivalent of around £50 per week.

This report also helps us know more about other people who were working at the Infirmary at the time. It lists Mr Wilks, who is also named on the certificate, as House Surgeon. Mr Wilks worked at the Infirmary until 1895 and his photograph below is from our collection. Another name on the certificate, Miss Carvosso – Matron, is also mentioned in the 1893 Annual Report, having resigned her post to take up another at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary.

Other names listed on the certificate include Miss Turner – Night Superintendent, Rev. Woodall – Chaplain, and 19 nurses: Fanny, Annie, Clifton, Emily, Lizzie, Sarah, Agnes, Lily, Grace, Millie, Dorothy, Gertrude, Edith, Anna, Janet, Ellen, Mary, Margaret, Holt, Rose, Alice.




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