woman viewing samples through powerful multi-lens microscope

Using microscopes in hospital

Our archives contain a number of images showing microscopes in use in the different parts on the hospital. The examples below are mostly from the early 1990s. They show early computers alongside microscopes and laboratory equipment in the Pathology department. You can see there are several different strength lenses on the powerful Pathology microscope and the window blinds behind the woman are closed to allow better vision through the microscope.

Other images show a mobile microscope being used during an operation. The patient is covered in green sheets with the surgeon stood next to the patient’s head and a nurse assisting. They are both in green gowns, masks, hats and sterile gloves. The surgeon is looking into the mobile microscope to see in more detail the work he is doing with a scalpel to the patient’s eye.

An extract from Salisbury District Hospital’s annual report 1997-1998 describes the donation of new microscope equipment for ear, nose and throat examinations.

The final images show new microscopic equipment that was donated in 2007 to the Fertility Clinic by the League of Friends for use in patient treatment. The IVF workstation provides a special protective environment to examine eggs, sperm and embryos.


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