MRI magnetic motor sculpture

Inspired by the images of MRI scanners we decided to do some fun experiments with magnets.

IMPORTANT: These ideas are not suitable for small children and battery motor sculpture should not be left unattended because it could pose a fire risk!

You will need

  • neodymium magnets
  • AA battery
  • wire cutters
  • copper wire


  1. Carefully cut a length of wire (about 34cm) and bend into the heart shape as in the drawing. Use the battery size as a template and make the bottom coils large enough to loosely circle the magnets
  2. Attach 2 magnets to the – end of your battery
  3. With some tricky adjustment lower your heart shape over the battery. The centre of the heart balancing on the + end of the upright battery and the coil circling the magnets (not touching the table surface). This bit can require some patience to get the right shape. Once balanced your wire heart should spin on the battery. (See film clip below)


Video clip

Other tips and ideas


Download MRI magnetic motor sculpture modelling activity sheet (pdf)

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