Army hat activity

Before you start

Take a look at images from our archive of World War 2 US army in Salisbury. Pictured above soldiers at Harvard Hospital in Harnham used by Red Cross for blood transfusions during WW2.

You will need:

Sheet of brown paper or newspaper. To make large adult size we used 60cm x 90cm; smaller hats reduce the paper size by 5cm.


  1. Fold your paper in half to make a crease then unfold it
  2. Then fold your paper in the half in the other direction
  3. Along the top folded edge, turn the two corners into the middle to form a triangle shape
  4. On the bottom edge fold up one flap by half (leave the other flap underneath as it is)
  5. Fold it over again
  6. Turn your paper over
  7. Fold the sides over to meet the middle crease
  8. Fold down the top point and tuck under the point
  9. Fold up the bottom corners to meet in the middle
  10. Turn up this flap
  11. Tuck under the point
  12. Your army hat! Ready to wear



Video guide


Other ideas and tips


Download army hat activity sheet (pdf)

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