Microscope slide quilling activity

Inspired by Dr Walker’s microscope and the microscopic cell images in our collection we created our own paper designs – why not have a go yourself!

You will need

  • Scrap paper of different colours cut into 1cm width strips
  • Paper glue
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo skewer (or quilling tool)


  1. Carefully split the end of your bamboo skewer and slide in a strip of paper
  2. Tightly coil the strip by spinning your skewer
  3. Slide your paper coil off the skewer, you can shape your coil by pinching the edges into points
  4. Pinch one side to create a teardrop shape
  5. Or you can create different size circles by tightening or loosening your coils
  6. You can create a heart shape by pinching one side and pressing the opposite side with the blunt end of a bamboo skewer
  7. Hold your coil tightly and glue the end
  8. Once glued your coil will stay in chosen shape
  9. Experiment with different sizes, abstract shapes and colours
  10. Using one strip create a single large loop
  11. Glue your shapes together and fill up your large loop


Other ideas


Download microscope slide quilling activity sheet (pdf)

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